Symmetry + Tessallation

This research projects is on the topic of the usage of symmetry in design of interior surfaces as a pragmatic tool for the relations between nature, module, surface and living space. The tileworks based on a few experimental background studies which have been performed on the purpose of gaining advantages on surface-related design, production and application processes by usage of planar symmetrical algorithms. Emulating the symmetrical impairment in nature itself, dissarrayed visual and haptic uniformity had been re-oriented in tiles in order to generate customformed surfaces on each turn of digitally generated identical modules. Therefore, it is thought that, this may also be an economic and ecologic advantage in generating different surfaces in less numbers of molding processes to produce each module. Each group of prototypes were rapidly handmade of stonedust and water; through the instrument of the 3d printed molds of each three prototypes.


Ingrid Paoletti<br /> Korcan Gülfidan