Milano Welcome City

Designing for Inclusion and Resilience

Aggregative methods within the cities’ weave is more and more complex, making some areas and social group liable to exclusion. What are the characteristics that make a city welcoming? Are there any categories that could drive the design of a welcoming city since its conceptualization to its material and technology?

Material Balance has asked it the students of Building Technology Studio…

Project 1 (group 1)

Keyword: Reflection

Students: Ser Lee Hom, Varbanova Melina, Yang Wen Qing, Zannetti Jackie Kay


The chaotic metropolitan and rapid lifestyle goes to highlight the importance of having a moment in your day to slow down. In view of the quick spread of covid19, it helps demonstrate the unnatural speed of our inhabitants. Now should be time to reflect on our relationship with our lifestyle

Project 2 (group 3)

Keyword: Adaptability

Students: Aslanova Ksenia, Goldstein Yoel Dan, Ilina Vera


The contemporary city is facing increasingly complex challenges, at a faster pace than ever before. These challenges, from changing climate to increase in population, require a new architectural approach. Inspired by nature’s ability to survive in adverse situations, the video explores the idea of Adaptability, in nature technology and architecture.

Project 3 (group 5)

Keyword: Inclusion

Students: Forastieri Andrea, Gherardini Giulia, Grafova Eva-Mariya


The main concept of this video is the inclusion of diverse cultures of youth through functions. Although different in cultural background, as humans we all seek interaction. The video highlights this common factor, anchoring the concept of inclusion, and stresses the role of common activities in uniting youth.

Project 4 (group 6)

Keyword: Distance

Students: Chen Yihe, Zhang Runxin, Zou Yihan


This video discusses the conflict between spirituality and substance. In the two extreme scenarios of solitude and chaos described, an alienation of spirituality always exists from the material world, an alienation that leads to the question on how to reach a balance between internal perception and external space.

Project 5 (group 9)

Keyword: Window

Students: Ravazzani Francesco Antonio, Tufekci Elif Zeynep, Visintini Chiara


The video aims to guide the mind through a conceptual visualization of the window. Starting from what we see on a daily basis, moving onto more peculiar events; all witnessed from a window. All to suggest a reflection on the value and the impact these episodes have on our mind and how the windows allow us to filter reality leaving space for imagination.”