Cloudland Pavilion for Triennale di Milano

During the Architecture week in Milan that took place 21st to 26th of May 2019, students from Politecnico di Milano, architects, and fashion designers worked together in assembling an interactive installation. It was acting physically as a shading element for the Triennale di Milano visitors in the garden and visually as an essence to the clouds, that are physically air-filled balloons resting on a handmade net, fixed to the surrounding trees.

The balloons, which are the main elements of the installation, were covered with fabrics produced with the advanced technology of digital knitting of special low-melt yarn. The digitally knitted textiles by the company Kn-hit were created in the shape of rounded seamless bags. It minimized the use of fibers and permitted to cover the balloons in a fast and easy manner without the need of cutting and sewing them. The low-melt yarn produced by the Italian company Sinterama consisting of recycled plastic bottles has a special quality of shrinking when exposed to the higher temperature. Thus, it permited to fix the shape of textiles on balloons and create unique patterns on place. Using passionate shades of green is intended to visually engage the installation with the surrounding  environment and to stand out as a sustainable specially statement.

Prof. Ingrid Paoletti
Maria Anishchenko
Mohamed Abdelkarim
Ofir Albag
Samir Al-Azri
Kasra Behforous
Rodrigo Scheeren

Sebastian Guzman

Şeyma Adalı,
Mohammad Ahsani,
Kasandra Bolivar,
Gizem Begüm Boylu,
Deniz Bucan,
Jian Du,
Alessia Galdi,
Franco Garrido Huguet
Selena Isildar,
Aasish Janardhana,
Chang Liu,
Renato Magni,
Mariela Saavedra Menacho,
Martina Piccolo,
Stefano Sciamarrelli,
Dmitrii Shcherbakov,
Maha Sobhy,
Hanqiu Sun,
Mengwei Wang,
Alek Yordanov,
Larashintya Galia Zhara