Inhabiting the Anthropocene

Telling stories of the future is always a social, material, and political practice. It always has effects; it is always non-innocent”.
Laura Watts, ” The Future is Boring: Stories from the landscapes of the mobile telecom industry”, 2008.

This project will moving away from the architectural practice in a strict sense, exploring other fields to the edge of human sciences and exact sciences.

Currently architecture de facto is a marginal discipline in the debate on future technological transformation that will involve human beings and habiting. The process of designing and shaping space has already dramatically change: computational tools constitute with the designer a single creative ecosystem, subverting the relationship between human and tool.

Human is exploring new way of frequenting the world while theories on the future outline scenarios where human will suddenly emancipate himself from his substrate, the body.

Thus, which architecture will human inhabit? Can we gain any access to future scenarios of architecture?


Ingrid Paoletti, Marta D'Alessandro