Angelo Mangiarotti and the polytechnical imagination: novel and rediscovered works

The exhibition “Angelo Mangiarotti and the Politecnico Imagination: Novel and Rediscovered Works,” displayed inside Guido Nardi Exhibition Space at Politecnico di Milano, presents the figure of Angelo Mangiarotti through his polytechnic culture. Graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 1948, Angelo Mangiarotti had, for the times, an avant-garde education, during which his orientation toward developing connections and international vision would result decisive for his design and professional career.


The exhibition layout, realized thanks to the synergy between foundations and archives, highlights the richness of themes that the architect, in his prolific production, investigated and developed in a vision at once technical and poetic, characteristic of architecture and of the multiple disciplines that innervate his creative journey.


The exhibition visit presents archival materials related to a selection of projects, narrated through sketches, original technical drawings, prototypes and models: works representing a creative and design method, still highly relevant today in its multidisciplinary and polytechnic significance.


The vision of Angelo Mangiarotti finds expression in the short film 12-minute “Position of Architecture”, which he designed in 1953, also handling the direction and having coauthors Riccardo Malipiero for the music, Alfonso Gatto for the texts and Luigi Veronesi for the graphics.


The exhibition is divided into a main room, which portrays the architect’s creativity and his polytechnic imagination, and an area dedicated to a selection of models of some of Mangiarotti’s architecture, made by students of the School, as a testimony to the importance of the work of a master clearly projected towards the future


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