The Create Metaverse course aims to provide the basics of Metaverse technologies, starting with virtual reality concepts. In addition, the course aims to introduce the potential of this new cross-channel for architecture and, in particular, the visualization of materials and technologies.


Full Professor in the Technology of Architecture

COO @ Versy || Metaverse Pioneer and Consultant
|| Experience Marketing


19/06/2023 18-21 (Online – Webex)


-Introduction by Prf.ssa Ingrid Paoletti

-Setting up a project in Unreal

-Introduction to Workspace

-Introduction to Shader

-Material workbench (what is a material, and how is it distributed on the video card)


Workshop  22/06/2023 11-19 and 23/06/2023 10-18

(at MaBa.SAPERLab)


Divided into three parts:

–       GrayBoxing (the art of creating spaces using only volume blocks without actual mesh).

It helps us understand how to move within the engine by learning basic functionality and laying the foundations of the virtual space we will develop.

–       Meshing (Changing volumes with meshes)

Attention to detail, mesh insertion, project set, and first interaction tests with mesh and players. At this point, we will work with materials, colour styles are to be managed, and the composition is to be defined.

–       Polishing

Development of custom shaders and materials as required, a more ‘artistic’ layer that serves to better understand how materials can be used to develop player-environment interactions. In this module (approx. 5 hours), we will also formulate non-static shaders (mainly valuable for the gaming world) that can also be used to create virtual showrooms.


15/07/2023 10-14 (Online – Webex)


Projects Review


All interested students and professionals candidates can send their CVs to the following email:


250,00 € Registration fee 
2,00 € Revenue stamp


Proven basic knowledge of point modelling

INFO about Unreal Engine

Some PCs may not support unreal engine 5.1, so here is the link to the stable version of the programme.

It would be a good idea to download version 5.1 first (link below) and try to open it and see if your PC supports it. If not, switch to version 4.27 (also linked below).



In both cases, you must download Epic Games; from it, you can download the engine.